Some fiction

Once again, instead of a normal, informative post, I bring you something else. This post is a piece of fiction which I wrote as an adaptation of a book into a sort of monologue format. For those of you who are interested, the book is “Dark Lord, the Teenage Years”, by Jamie Thomson. Without the context provided by the book, the passage may seem a bit weird, but it does explain itself in some form nearer the end. I’ll get a normal post out soon; I’ve just had trouble in attempting to do so. So for now, I hope you enjoy what is to come.


With a great cry, I began to fall, falling further and further and further until I felt I could fall no more; yet continue to fall I did. The great nothingness of the Void continued for an eternity, or so it seemed. Long after my cry had fallen silent, my throat raw from the continued stress, I stopped. The infinite became finite. The nothingness was nothing no more. The oppressive darkness gave way to the blinding light of the sun, and with it came pain. Such great pain, which threatened to pull me from existence by its very presence. But it did not.

Eventually, the pain subsided, leaving me lying breathless. When I tried to breathe, I found my throat blocked. After a few attempts, I managed to dislodge the offending item, and spat out a great glob of gelatinous gloop, which after a while formed an iridescent puddle of oil. How such a thing formed in my throat, I am unsure, but that was the least of my problems, for when I tried to move, I found my limbs weak and unwilling to change position.

I felt helpless, lying there under the painfully blue sky. Gah! Blue skies invoke nothing but hatred within me. The happiness which they seem to inspire in others was alien to me. This was a situation beyond my current abilities, something I could not face alone, so I called upon my most trusted subordinate, Dread Gargon, Hewer of Limbs, Lieutenant of Darkness; he would be of great use to me here. Yet instead of the great command I tried to bellow, I heard that I sound like a child – weak and pathetic.

Gone were the strong, imperious tones that echoed around the battlefields; gone was the powerful confidence with which I commanded an army, my great legion; and gone was the dread inspiring harshness which would bring any mortal to their knees. But no longer did I sound worthy to command a human child, let alone great armies of Orcs, Goblins and other such creatures. What had happened to my voice…?

Maybe my helmet, the infamous Helm of the Hosts of Hell, had slipped slightly, catching my neck in an unfortunate pinch, changing the air flow through my vocal chords. It was worth checking, since it had happened in the past. Yet when I checked, I felt great despair to find that was not at all the case. Instead of finding the help resting lopsided on top of my head, I found nothing – there was no helmet at all. Maybe it had fallen off as I had fell? Although that would explain the lack of great protection for my head, it most certainly did not explain the lack of horns, of the great ridges of bone which usually protruded menacingly from my skill. Neither did it explain the mop of brown hair which I found there in its place. No longer did my head feel like the head of a great Dark Lord, but that of a small human child. No longer did my teeth feel like the great tusks and yellowed fangs which normally adorned my maw. How would I inspire fear while I was contained within a head not dissimilar to those which I usually impaled upon the mighty iron spikes of my tower gates?

What was happening to me? Where was Gargon and the army he helped my command? Why was I not being burned alive by the bright sunlight, which was normally fatal for those who returned from death? This did not seem to be the realm with which I was familiar, but one in which humanity held great power, a realm where the almighty Lords of the Darkness were nowhere to be found. My powers were useless in a place such as that. The time when my very thoughts were law is now in the past. Those problems would have to wait – the confusion of this world needed time to understand.


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