Return to the room

Imagine once again the room, just as it was before. Around you are still the same loud speaking people, who make no noise. Around you still are those who ignore you, and those who you cannot bear to even try to comprehend. Everything is the same, yet nothing is familiar. So once again you walk around them, searching for reasons – for answers. Yet something is different. As you walk around now, you realise that the great walls that enclosed you are drawing ever closer. The roof above no longer stretches to the sky, as it slowly lowers closer and closer.

Yet as this happens, you notice something you ignored before. Each of the walls is covered in paintings of various scenes. So, despite your ever approaching demise, you walk up to one of the walls and inspect what you can see. The paintings are many, and highly detailed; almost indistinguishable from life. The first painting you choose to look at is a scene of a person standing in a ring of corpses. Something about the painting scares you, and as you look ever closer you realise something. The person in the painting is you. The corpses around you are the bodies of those you love and care about. To try to run away from the painting, yet you find you cannot move. You look to the ground, and what you see scares you even more. Around you are the bodies.


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